Moving on...

Well. Blogger has been a trusty friend for quite a number of years and I've been rather neglectful of this blog over the past while. I've decided to hop onto the newest craze and start up a blog/site/thing on my own domain so that I can make it more of a photo blog / clearinghouse for my thoughts.
It's been fun, Blogger, but it's time to move!

You can now find me at http://gord.spencenet.ca/ where I'll be posting photos, sermons, and general thoughts on life. I'm really pleased with the template that I've got going there now, so do check it out before you add the RSS feed and never look at the site directly again!


They've started!

Orange for Green by Reverend Aviator
Orange for Green, a photo by Reverend Aviator on Flickr.

Well, there was no fanfare or big press conference that I heard about, but it looks as though they've started to prepare for construction on the (temporary) siding for GO train service to Kitchener. This is fantastic news for all of us in KW!



Someday I'll get around to writing for fun again.

I just wanted to drop a note to say that I haven't forgotten about the blog entirely, rather I've been swept up into school in a big way. Five classes, two jobs, a wife, and a cat... plus I try to see my friends once in a while too.

Life is great right now, just very busy.


Thank You Big Media

At the best of times I find that the mainstream media is lazy, hypocritical, and low-brow, however this past couple of weeks has really taken the cake. After listening to CBC Radio 1 begin their hourly 5-minute news segment with a full minute and a half all about Michael Jackson's funeral followed by about 15 seconds on a helicopter crash which killed two Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, I nearly lost it. This is about as coherent as my ranting can be at the moment.

Thank you all (CTV, CNN, CBC, NBC, etc.) for dropping all of the rest of the going ons in the world for the last two weeks to keep us all in the loop that Michael Jackson is still dead. I don't know what I would do with my life if it weren't for you. Oh, I'd probably be informed.

Did you know that there is a revolt happening in Iran? Did you know that there are civilians being shot and killed by police and the army in China this very moment? You'd never know it given the news networks' coverage.
Oh, and FYI, there are still two major wars going on. Iraq and Afghanistan ring a bell? Yeah, I hear a couple of brave Canadian soldiers lost their lives yesterday in a helicopter crash.