So... it's been a while, and lots has been happening. I don't feel like typing a lot, so I'll put it in pictoral form.

I started a new job this month at Transalta... as you can see, this is my office that I share. And those are my candies... hands off!

This is the view from my window:

On Thanksgiving weekend, Tim and I went down to Kingston to pick up Meghan... and spent far too long in traffic:

That weekend also brought on another big change... Meg and I broke up. We're still on good terms, but we both felt that things weren't quite right, and that we should probably try different things for the time being.
To make myself feel better I partook in what Brandy refers to as "retail therapy" and bought a new sleeping bag for the winter months: (for the record, I didn't take this picture just because I could... Amy was asking me about it and this was the easiest way to show her!)

So, I've been really busy with work and such, and today Dave and I had to go buy new workboots as ours were both falling apart. So we took his son out with us to enjoy the trip.

And now I'll leave you with some fun cloud pictures that I've taken with my Palm lately... the weather has provided ample opportunity for unique cloud formations recently.

This one almost looks like a cross...



Just wanted to mention to everyone that I've got my website up and running again. It's mostly an experiment with a software program called Mambo that I'm hoping to use for my church's server. Thanks to Timbo for finding Mambo! So, anyways, eventually the radio station willl be accessible there, but for now, just this blog and pictures from the Denver trip are there. Soon enough there'll be a load of pictures from different things. Just finding the time is tricky! Let me know what you think, and don't forget to register at the site, so I know who's been!