The System Working for...

...not us anyways.

Check out this video:

and this photo:

I wish I could say that I'm surprised that the police would be encouraged to infiltrate and start violence at a peaceful protest such as this... but I'm not.

From news reports I've read, there were four people arrested at the protests this weekend... two men and two women. Hmmm... where are those three in the list?

While watching the video you can see the men speaking with the riot police - pretty much begging to be let past... what kind of protester wants to be arrested?

And on a sidenote - is that Maude Barlow speaking after the old guy?


Heard this little poem today...

I thought it was appropriate for my current beef with Transport Canada...

When my flying days are over

And from this life I pass.....

I hope they bury me upside down

So T.C. can kiss my ASS


I'm told that I've crossed over the line of geekiness where I'm just a little different from "normal" people, to the point where I am now a full-fledged geek. That makes me proud, I think.

Check this out:
I went for a short bike ride the other night just to see what's out around my neighbourhood... and found 82 wireless networks. 42 were unsecured apparently... people truly need to be educated about this stuff. Unreal.

Let it be known for liability sake - I would never hack into someone's network... this is just a reading of the SSIDs of networks taken by an automated program.