I paid $47.75 to fill my car last night. What the hell? I drive an economy class car, and it's nearly $50 to fill it for a week's worth of driving? I want a hybrid, and I want one now.


What do you call a black guy who flies airplanes?

A pilot, you racist bastard!

So, the government passed bill C-38 last night. Good on them, and about time. They've been dragging their feet since the election to get anything accomplished. The budget, and rights for gays. I'm impressed, but still not pleased.

For the folks who think that the passage of bill C-38 is the end of the world, I need to let you know something. You probably won't even know the difference. Your church won't be forced to marry gay people. Your church won't lose tax-exempt status for not marrying gay people. Your marriage will not fall apart because two men get married. Your marriage does not mean anything more or less than what it meant two days ago. Bill C-38 was about equality, not about religion. People have certain rights regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, age... this is just an extension of that right. Two men or women who love eachother and want to spend their lives together should (and will) be afforded the same benefits as a man and woman who love eachother and want to spend their lives together. That's it. What's written in the Bible doesn't even factor into it. That's a topic for another day.


I am so building this someday...

I can't believe I wasted $200 on a window air conditioner when I could've built this one for $30... *sigh* http://mirror.lerfjhax.com/www.eng.uwaterloo.ca/~gmilburn/ac/


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Home Sweet Home

Here we have my apartment... I think most of the pictures are pretty self-explanitory.
We start in the living room, move to the kitchen, then down the hall to the office and finally my bedroom.
Comments are welcome!

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Sorry I've been so lax in updating of late. Frankly, I've been really busy with keeping up with life and haven't had lots of time to sit and ruminate lately. I hope everyone out there is well!