Done... now where'd I leave my life?

Well... I'm becoming more adept with these computer thing-a-majigs every day. I just built my second computer, and managed to have to format my hard drive in the process. It's all good... I had some problems getting the processor and motherboard to cooperate, but they're playing nicely now, so all is well with the world. It only took me 3 days!

Well, I'm sitting here at work, bored out of my mind... I just realised that today is only my first day in... it feels like it should be at least Thursday (I work Tuesday-Saturday). Yuck... I hope I get a new job soon.

I've been thinking I spend way too much time on my computer... I've been neglecting my girlfriend a bit while I was building the new PC. Not good. So I think I'll take a break from the thing while I'm home for a while... except in the morning to check my mail and before bed to check my mail. At work I'll just stick with my laptop and try and get started on some more for my instructor rating. Need... motivation... now...



Timio said...

I like to call it the encouragement/discouragement cycle. When there's nothing really coming your way, it's hard to get motivated, but when something really good happens, it's really easy to work on papers because you're motivated.

Timio said...

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