I think I'm going to have a moratorium on commas. I seem to use them wherever I feel like without regard to any sorts of grammatical rules which is unfortunate. Boo.

The benefit concert went splendidly - we raised over $600! Huzzah! Umm... yeah. Now I'm just waiting for some word on my job. I spoke with $big boss on Thursday and he says that he's going to make sure that my contract is extended to the end of the year and hopes that they'll be able to hire me permanently sometime after that. We'll see I guess.

Do you have any idea how painful it was to write all that without any commas? I kept cringing when I put in an apostrophe wanting it to drop to the bottom of the letters! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Oh - check it out - I'm on a nerd-dating site! I think I may have mentioned this already... I don't know.

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