Yeah, so I owe you guys a huge update post... unfortunately my head isn't together enough to make anything remotely coherent at the moment. I'm sick... not sure where I picked it up, though.

August was a busy month. New York City, Cedar Point, General Council in Thunder Bay, leading a worship service at a church in Forest.

I have some pictures of each event (except Cedar Point) and I'll post them when I get around to it.

For now I leave you with two purchases that I wish to make... I'm finding more and more that I need a five-string bass to play the music that I want to. So here and here are the two options I've narrowed down to. I would prefer the more expensive of the two (EDB405), but I'll have to see if my pockets can handle that.

Oh, and a final note, I'm probably going to be going to school full time next year. Quite possibly at the University of Waterloo. 3 year bachelor degree in sociology, then on to Emmanuel (U of T) or Queen's for my M. Div. / Seminary. We'll see.

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