The Emerging Spirit Campaign has begun. And it's engendered in a website known as WonderCafe.ca.

This is one of the most exciting petitions we dealt with this summer at General Council. It's an ad campaign for the United Church of Canada, which is aimed to reach out to the younger generation, showing that Christianity doesn't have to be about hating those who are different, and falling in line with whatever you're told to believe. The ads are meant to portray our church as it is: a place where you can explore your faith, and no one is going to force you to believe one set dogma... you have to think for yourself.

My very favourite ad from the campaign was on the front of the Globe and Mail this morning (at right). It shows a bobblehead Jesus with two checkboxes: "Funny" and "Ticket to Hell".

Perhaps one of the more notable events from the day was reading a thread on Fark.com (where flamewars are especially prevalent) and seeing all the positive comments that were being made in regards to the church. They came from all sides - atheists, agnostics, and Christians alike.

So... that's my plug for the day. I hope lots of folks will check it out! If you have any questions, be sure to ask the EZ Answer Squirrel!

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