Ok, I just finished reading an article about how Stephen Harper was trying to link a Liberal MP (Navdeep Bains) to the Air India trial and read all the comments that were flying back and forth between the LPC and CPC. My blood is boiling. People often wonder why my generation has little faith in the government, and why they don't vote. This is why. This kind of self-absorbed bullshit tells people of my generation that the "elected" officials don't give a crap about what they think, rather they're more concerned with winning elections and being in control of parliament than the concerns of the public. The last time I even heard about any legislation being passed was a motion to force the conservatives to follow through with Kyoto. Yeah, that's great and all, but what else has the government done in the last month? Not a damned thing as far as I can tell. All I hear about is how the Cons are preparing for an election and the Liberals are trying to throw Harper out.
Some days I feel that I should run for office, but I think that if I did I'd end up so frustrated with all the meaningless garbage that pours forth from the government that I'd quit after a month. That's assuming I could even be elected... I don't have the money to finance a campaign, and no one would vote for someone who tells the truth about how if they want more services, taxes have to go up... simple fscking economics, folks... something none of the parties currently in parliament have a clue about, apparently. Disillusioned is how I remain for the time being. Government is absolute crap... A bunch of corrupt, arrogant, mindless idiots.


Matt said...

Check out an unpartisan clear take on the issue

Guido said...

Unbiased? Yeah, alright... from a blog called "A step to the right" with a logo saying you support Stephen Harper... righto, boss.

Are the prime ministers speeches available to the opposition parties before he presents them? Seems strange that the Liberals could have such a concerted chant if they weren't privy to the details of his speech. If they get the text of the speech in advance, then I'll stand corrected.

Don't get me wrong here. I wouldn't go so far as to support the Liberals, I feel that they're as dishonest and useless as the Tories. The point of my post is that I'm fed up with politics, but I don't think you read that far into it to notice! ;)