Shifting to Night

So I started training at my new job last night - I'm working at a distribution centre for a grocery store chain. My job is to go up and down the warehouse aisles and pick out stock to send to the grocery stores while driving this and using an audio system which tells me where to go and how much to pick up from each place. It's voice activated... pretty cool stuff.

Anyway, my first night was fun, I learned how to drive the "jigger" and got to know a bit of the routine for nightshifts. As long as I can get the rest I need, I think I'm going to enjoy this.

That's all for now! :)


Lost Newf said...

Wow- that is a pretty big adjustment. Make sure you are taking care of yourself, shift work is really tough. Hope it all goes well! And say g'day to Vanessa whom you see in 1 sleep!!!

Brian said...

It's Brian, that guy that helped you move. You worked at L0blaw5 for a while? I've done some time there as well. Not the most enjoyable time, mostly because of the people.
How long did you last?

Guido said...

Hey Brian,
Well, I lasted the summer - which was the plan - I found that it took a while to get used to the folks there, and be accepted. I think there's such a high turnover that no one wants to get to know the new people until they're sure they're going to be around for a while. It felt like the last couple of weeks I was there I was finally just starting to get to the point where people were waving or saying hi when I cam in.

For the pay, it wasn't too bad a job... the safety factor bothered me - a lot of injuries happen there unnecessarily. But overall, I liked getting exercise and the shifts went quickly, so I was alright. If I'm ever stuck for work again, I could see myself applying again.