Update time!

Wedding plans are coming along steadily. We'll be getting married on May 2 (2009) at Dunlop United in Sarnia, then there'll be a reception at High Park United that will be a potuck (mmmmm.... potluck). Ummm... that's the gist of it!

Life right now is a bit hectic for me. I'm working as a frontline tech for an Ontario crown corporation in Guelph. This means that I've got a half-hour commute, and I'm working Monday to Thursday from 8-12, and all day on Fridays, then I have school in the afternoons the first four days of the week. My first two days of the week I'm basically gone from 7:30 AM until 10:30 PM... but Wednesday and Thursday make up for it because I'm done by 3 or 4, plus my weekends are relatively free. The paycheques are a nice change, though. I'm actually starting to be able to afford living here while I'm paying down my line of credit.

Vanessa and I have been fortunate to have a fair amount of time to see each other since school started. She's come to visit a couple of times, and I've been home two or three times as well. The last trip was for Thanksgiving weekend, which was thoroughly busy trying to make time for both of our families as well as for eachother. We did manage a trip to the Pinery with Tim and Val, which was a ton of fun - you can find some pictures of that trip on my Flickr page.

School's been pretty good, although I don't think I'm able to put in quite as much effort as I'd like... my marks aren't showing it, though. I've gotten two great marks so far in my Science Fiction Literature class, as well as a decent showing in Social Psych (70%) and an 80% on my first test for Christian History. I have a midterm test next week for Juvenile Delinquency which should help me gauge how well I'm absorbing that class. I'll admit that I haven't taken a lot of notes in that one, so it may be interesting.

That's about it from KW for now!

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