New Year

I suppose I should make some sort of update!

Life was a bit overwhelming for the last month of 2008... final exams, final papers, working... it just all seemed to come together in a mass... and then it was over!

I passed everything, with fairly decent marks and I'm pleased with the results.

Between the finish of exams and Christmas, I worked full-time at my job, which helped to refill the coffers a bit, and it definitely kept me active for the time before Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, I made the journey home to my family's home (and Vanessa). We had a great Christmas gathering with all the usual suspects in attendance. Two days later, Vanessa's family gathered at V's parents' and we had Christmas Dinner part II (The Revenge of the Cranberries). It was a nice get-together, and I really do think that I'm going to fit into the family quite comfortably.

Oh yeah, I'm getting married in four months. Less than. May 2. I guess we'd better get that guest list finalised. I'm constantly torn with who I can invite because, unfortunately, the hall where we're having the reception (my church) isn't overly large, and we're limited to 180 or so people... which really isn't very many when you take into account the large size of both our families, and our copious amount of friends. Do any etiquette experts have any thoughts on how to gracefully approach this? perhaps posting this thought on my blog is a bad / good idea...? I'm in a bind, either way... the church where we're having the wedding would probably hold everyone we'd like to invite, but the reception hall is just too small. Blah. And no, changing the reception hall location is not an option...

Today on my way home from school i was considering the irony of having ads for car dealerships on the side of public transit buses... advertising on the competition. Genius.

I was thinking about the railway today as well. In Canada there's a strong affection for the railway because it was this "iron ribbon" that brought Canada together in Confederation... it's what made it possible. When someone rides VIA Rail these days the trains are (not irregularly) delayed by freight trains passing especially if the passenger train was behind schedule. Apparently passenger trains are a second priority on the rails. So anyways, this thought ran through my mind and suddenly it clicked that the rail line that is so revered in Canadian history wasn't built to move people across the continent as I'd often assumed... it was built to move goods. Trees. Ores. Coal. How disillusioning to think that this symbol of Canadiana is simply a tool for business... maybe I'm just naive, but that realisation disappoints me greatly.

Sorry for the randomness... just had to get those thoughts out!


KJ McLean said...

1) You don't have to invite me to the wedding. It's okay. I'll cheer you guys on from here. :)

2) It's a special breed of people who appreciate passenger rail travel. Not everyone "gets" it. Only the cool kids do. ;)

Guido said...

Thanks for taking one for the team, Karen :)

And yeah, you're totally right. I think half the reason I've enjoyed my trips to Europe was because I got to ride the rails so much!

Matt said...

Etiquette says invite who you want to... it's your wedding, not any one else's. They'll get over it.

Of course, I've never been married before, so what do I know? I could be inadvertently leading you into a trap.

I like the train. The one thing about the Green Party platform that I liked was their plan to build double tracks.