Re Bluewater Health Cutbacks

So last week it was announced that over 100 full-time jobs would be lost, and the palliative care unit would be closed down at Bluewater Health (the organisation that runs my county's hospitals). People are more than a little upset here, and the local paper has been flooded with letters exclaiming their dismay. I thought I'd join the club and add my own.

Dear Sir:

It has taken me a few days to think this over, but I have a suggestion for a cost-saving move at the Lambton Hospital Group. All we need do is shut down the hospitals… yes, that’s right, all of them!

Now, I know that you’re thinking this is a crazy idea, but as our local MPP has stated, “Hospital care is not all of health care.” Think of the possibilities here: there will be no more long wait-times in the ER, an end to bed shortages, and best of all, budget woes will be a thing of the past. We could even give Mr. Vigar a much-deserved raise (insert tongue into cheek)!

Alternatively, I would suggest that David Vigar and the Bluewater Health Board of Directors grow a collective spine and tell the provincial government to stick the “no deficit” law wherever many of the Liberals’ other election “promises” went. Tell them that in this province people [for once] come before the almighty dollar.

Gord Spence

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