Much over-due announcement...

Meg and I are going to Denver in September. That's not the announcement. The announcement is this: Meg and I are going to Denver in September to see The Dave Matthews Band... at Red Rocks! Here's photographic proof:

Yep! I can't wait! We're making the entire trip a vacation, so we're going to drive all the way there and back. On the way, we'll take I-90 across to Wyoming, then turn south and head to Denver. Along the way we'll stay at Great River Bluffs State Park in Minnesota (Location [maps.google.com]), then Minneopa State Park, (Location [maps.google.com])again in Minnesota (because we're going to the Mall of America [mallofamerica.com] that day). From there we head on to the great state of South Dakota with Badlands National Park (Location [maps.google.com]), Mount Rushmore and the Kicking Horse Memorial. Next we'll make it to Wyoming and camp at Glendo State Park one night (Location [maps.google.com]) and then make the drive to Denver.

On the way back we're going to go non-stop because Meg has to be back at school... This [maps.google.com] is an approximation of the route. So, that's the plan... it's almost a month until we leave, so things may change. I can't wait!

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Meg said...

You make it seem like the DMB is the only reason we're going on this trip... and I would like to clarify that this is not the case. :P We were always going on a trip, the concert just helped us pick specific dates and a "final" location.

Love you