Don't Be A Wanker

dontbeawanker@hotmail.com was my e-mail address for a long time... then it got screwed up and I had to switch it... it became dontbewankers. I tried out Google Talk this evening, which encourages me to use my gmail account that has been long-neglected. I've had my hotmail address since grade nine... nearly nine years.
Tim says he'll ditch long_strides when he grows up. I'm not so sure if I could leave dontbewankers. I mean, it has become a part of me. A part of my personality, at any rate. It's childish, it's rude... but it's a hell of an icebreaker sometimes! What do you guys think? Has dontbewankers served its usefulness? Should I start weaning myself onto gmail just to start consolidating my many e-mail contact points? Do I want to trust google with all of my information? I'm curious! Inform me!

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Howie said...

Honestly - get over the google thing : ) You could always make dontbewankers@gmail!

Yowsa... talk about thinking outside the box : )