FYI - breathing in pool water through your nose, then sitting in the sauna later on is not a good combination. It burns. A lot.

I slacked off last week in swimming and only made it out once, but I'm going to get back to my routine of three times a week this week, hopefully. Tonight was good - did a solid number of breast stroke lengths and squeezed in a bunch of front crawl in-between. I'm gradually working up my endurance with front crawl, and getting the timing down for my breathing. I managed to do a number of 1 lengths between breast stroke sets, and worked up to three lengths of front crawl before I was ready to drown, so things are improving. Slowly, but they're coming.

I'm starting to think I may need to start jogging to get ready for soccer this summer. I don't want to be the winded white kid again this year... we'll see, I guess... I'm going to be gone a fair bit this summer, so soccer might not even be in the cards.

At this point I have three separate major trips planned.
A) Europe for up to three weeks to traevl around with Rune
B) New York City to see DMB with Brandy for a weekend... of course touristy stuff is part of that!
C) General Council 39 in Thunder Bay for a week in August... the week after I'm thinking to go to New York.

So it's going to be tough to fit it all in. We'll see.

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Brandy said...

NYC... F*** ya!