I'm alive!

Pictures here: Pearson and Flight, Paris

And in Paris! France! Yeah, that Paris!

So, Timbo and I flew out of Toronto yesterday evening (thanks to a ride from Amy). We landed here in Paris this morning about 10 AM - that's 4 AM Ontario time... we figured out the metro with only a few bits of confusion and were checked into our hotel near to 1 PM... then we crashed for an hour or so. Neither of us got much sleep on the flight, so it was pretty much a given that we'd sleep once we arrived.
After the nap, we headed out to begin our adventure... we started at Notre Dame cathedral - WOW! I really wasn't prepared for just how large it really is. Absolutely fantastic.
After spending an hour or so around there, we made our way to The Louvre to go get ourselves cultured... we took our time walking, and stopped in at another church along the way just to see the inside.
At the Louvre, we saw about a gazillion bits of art, including the Mona Lisa (not as small as I'd been conditioned to expect since everyone is shockeed it's so small) and the Venus De Milo (Cool to have actually seen it). Along with a number of other extremely famous paintings and sculptures... I'm feeling pretty cultured now.
The Egypt section of the museum was pretty awesome - nice to see stuff that's not in the ROM!

After about 3 hours there, we were both pooped, so we headed back here to the hotel. It's 8:45 Paris time (2:45 Ontario time) and I'm just about ready to go to bed... guess the jet lag isn't going to catch me yet!
Pictures will follow - just a matter of weeding them out on my camera. Stay tuned!

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Lost Newf said...

Oh Gord! how sensational! What a wonderful opportunity- soak it up, mate. I am sure you have been told enough of the "don't miss" or "you HAVE to see.." and I am sure you got enough travel advise already from many caring relations and friends and even near strangers- so just have fun, mate. It is such an experience! Such a great opportunity to broaden your thinking, so much history, so much culture. Just enjoy the time. Can't wait for the next installment xox