One last note from Munich...

I saw the neatest thing today... probably one of the last things I'd think to see in an inland city in Germany. Surfing. Surfing! Tim and I took a walk through some giant park (England Park?) that had a river that we suspect to be man-made flowing through it. The water was strikingly fast and in spots where the elevation changed, it made some seriously pleasing rapids. One place was at the very south of the park, presumably where the river enters the park, where it dropped a good five feet over about 30 feet horizontally... this made for one large standing swell from which some young guys could ride their surfboards back and forth across the river (tops, 40 feet wide). There were probably about half a dozen surfers and probably a dozen people who'd just stopped in their tracks to watch. Surreal, but totally cool. I was tempted to join in, that's for sure!

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