I just want to clear something up...

Apparently some people think I hate the United States.

I don't.

In fact, I admire the country to our south for its successes in the past. Indeed the US has given a lot to the world, and there was a time when it did stand for freedom, liberty, and was a beacon for other countries' peoples. A role model, even.

My beef lies with the people who have control of the US right now. People like the Republicans, who seem hell-bent on destroying every tie with the international community that they have. People like George Bush who believe that there is no other way than his own when it comes to anything. The attitude that American's are the most important people in the world, bar-none. The increasingly fascist tendencies of the government, and its hypocritical spreading of "democracy" when it can't even conduct its own election fairly and without corruption. Then there's the distinct pro-(big) business policies which cut down every average citizen. The poor get poorer, while the rich get richer on their backs.

I have no ill-will toward the average American citizen. It's the tiny minority that seem to have taken control of the government and its policies that I take issue with. These people are ruining the world for everyone with their near-sightedness, and are not being held accountable for their actions. The US is turning into a sort of Big Brother state and it upsets me greatly. Indeed, I do not hate America; I mourn its decline, and I feel pity for the vast majority of its citizens. Things are not well.

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