Three good links

1. You know darn well that I'm going to have to take one of these pictures.

2. Remember these pictures the next time you're looking at some babe (stud) in a magazine. Famous people are NOT perfect looking.

3. Memories of Sesame Street. A top 25 list, of which I remember a frighteningly large amount. Sweet.

From #3:

All of my better habits, or lack of bad ones, can be attributed to the advice I took from television characters. I buckle my seat belt because a crash test dummy that talked like Garfield told me I'd die if I didn't. I don't smoke pot because Michaelangelo got together with Baby Miss Piggy & Winnie the Pooh to tell me it was for dorks. And I eat & enjoy my green vegetables, because a unibrowed purple rabbit in a cape said that they're good for me. And they're good for you, so eat them, too.
Amen to that.

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