Finally a church that gets it!

Christ didn't turn people away because they were different from the "norm". My church doesn't and neither does the United Church of Christ in the US. This is the church that made some major waves in the media, exposing the conservative trend in the major US networks. Here's the ad that was so "controversial". (it's right after the flash intro on the main page of the site)

I just finished reading Blue Like Jazz, and it talks a lot about how some churches are under the impression that God hates homosexuals, and Democrats or liberals. The truth of the matter is that God loves each and every one of us, regardless of who we are or what we do. Whether you believe certain things are sins or not, or whether you're right or not, God still loves you. Unconditional love is just that; completely unconditional. I suppose thinking that you're right and the other group is wrong gives you a sort of superiority (or the illusion of it) that Christians are not supposed to have (and don't get me wrong, I'm just as guilty of it... I think right-wingers and anti-gay folks are completely off their rockers). We're all supposed to be humble. Humble to eachother, and humble to our God. We're also supposed to love eachother as we love our God... unconditionally. When you withhold that love, you are creating division among us all. If you accept people as they are, really accept them, those people are more likely to see your point of view. This isn't supposed to be a tactic to get "sinful people" to convert their ways and be just like us. It's just how we're supposed to be. We're supposed to love people for who they are. If they want to change, we should still love them. Just like a parent loves their child no matter what life choices they make, we should love everyone else regardless of everything!

So, now I'm going to get off my soapbox...

Did I mention that I think I've felt a call towards some sort of ministry in the church? Yup... so, maybe someday (if it's what God intends) you'll be calling Rev. Guido. God makes some interesting choices in this world, so I can't say that I'd be surprised if that's what he's saying to me...
God bless you all.

PS - I really like the UCC's slogan: "God is still speaking," ("Never put a period where God intended a comma") I'd like to convince my church to put out an ad similar to this one as a show of support for our brothers and sisters in Christ.


survivorkrista said...

What about the people who love homosexuals, but just don't love their sin? I know people who love me, but don't love my sin. Anyway, that's the category I fall under.

Keep updating your blog!

Guido said...

Can you honestly say that you respect a person who is living in a "sinful" lifestyle? I don't think it's possible to separate a person from what they do. In most cases, I think we are what we do. Some people's idea of loving them is going the "tough love" route, and forbid openly gay people to be members of their church. I can't think that's an effective show of love to other people. I've heard all kinds of justifications, but I just don't buy it.

Another thing : Why is our culture so obsessed with sex, anyways? I mean, really, why do people make a bigger deal of people being gay, than say, lying politicians? I don't know... this is a fallen world, and very little in it makes sense to me.