MPAA vs. An Army of Mice

As a continuation of my post about the MPAA, another site calling themselves "The MPAA vs An Army of Mice" has smacked back at the buggers! This image is a variation on what the MPAA had posted on LokiTorrent the other day. I love it!


Why doesn't the MPAA realise that if they worked with the Internet, they could get right back to charging unreasonable prices for the drivel that they put out, but online! Seriously, look at the success of Napster, and iTunes, and how people thought that it would never work. True, people still download music for free, but other people (people who fear "The Man", no doubt...), droves of people have joined up with Napster and iTunes! I bet if we had iFilms, or an equally crappy version of Napster (blech), people again would jump in on it! I suppose people feel good about following the will of the government... but I suppose the MPAA will continue to ignore the advantages of technology just like they're avoiding moving from crappy film cinema projectors to sensible video disc projectors for theatres. Stupid, non-forward thinking, greedy people.


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Meg said...

You should learn to rant about much simpler topics that I understand better.

Ex. CTC (see my journal for details) vs. Cap'n Crunch.
Both crunchy.
But which wins the crunch war in the end?