Oh boy am I sore. I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple of days ago, and now I'm feeling it.
They removed one on the right side, which came out very easily, then the upper and lower teeth on the left. Those ones weren't so easy, it seems. The lower one came out in about half an hour, but it took them another 45 minutes to get the top one out because it was so high up in my jawbone. Now the left side of my face has the droopy-dog look going on. Wonderful.
I took yesterday off work to recover, and was glad I did. I picked up Tim from the train station in the afternoon, and we went out for a walk for a little less than an hour. By the time I was driving him back to his place, I was absolutely exhausted and I was getting a headache. I think the headache may be because of some residual bleeding that's going on with these teeth, and the fact that I can barely eat anything at all.
I was supposed to work this morning, but I decided I'd probably be better off with some extra sleep. I told my boss that I'd take the morning off and try to make it for the afternoon, and she was just fine with that. (Have I mentioned that I really like my boss?) So I'm due into work this afternoon, and I'm debating whether I should take the morning off again tomorrow, if only to get the extra sleep. I'm still pretty tender on both sides, and I'm terrified to put my tongue near where the stitches are! Well, that's enough whining...

I just got some news in regards to getting an LCD projector for my church - $500 cheaper than a previous offer.

{20 minute delay}

The fellow from that company just called me! Seems like a really nice guy, he offered a number of suggestions for the computer that we would use for the projector, and some other stuff that he might be able to get for us. He runs the business out of his home, and focusses on helping churches move into 'now' in regards to technology... just my kind of guy! Here is his website.

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