So, life's well. I've been insanely busy for the last few months, and thought I'd share.
Our church's minister left us in July, and I, being the head of the Worship and Music Committee (W&M) , was left to scramble and find supply ministry for every Sunday since then. Thank goodness for our Christian Education worker, Bonnie, who helped out immensely. Between us we managed to keep Sundays going smoothly, and I managed to learn a heck of a lot!

I also ended up as the co-head of the Search Committee, finding a new minister in August. We met every other week so that we could keep up with applications that were coming into the church. The process took until late December / Mid-January to complete, but we've hired a new minister now, who started the past Sunday. And she's great! Last Tuesday after one of our meetings, we went out for wings at a local restaurant and go to know eachother a little better. I'm looking forward to working with her very much.

Also, with the church, I'm still an elder, on the Session, which takes up less time than the others, but still is a commitment that I try to keep up with to the best of my ability.

Interestingly, I got the opportunity to actually lead the church through Advent. Wow, what an experience it is to be up behind the pulpit and preaching! I didn't write the sermons, but it was awesome being able to... relay (?) God's message to the congregation... to be able to teach people something they may not have heard before. Yeah, yeah, it's Christmas stuff, everyone's heard it before. I don't know if that's really true. I learned a few things while I was preparing for the Sundays... I hope other people did as well.

Another fun thing that I've been involved with at the church is trying to convince them that an LCD projector is something that would enhance our services. So, we've been borrowing a projector from our neighbourhood school, and putting the words to prayers, and hymns up on Powerpoint (OpenOffice.org's Slideshow program, actually). It's gone over extremely well, I think.... the trick is going to be in the finances, though it was recently shown to me that there are grants available for this sort of thing. Hopefully that will help it move along. I've really found that the projector enhances our worship because it gets people to get their noses out of their hymnals and bulletins when we're speaking/singing together... it helps to project the sound, and enables folks to really see what's going on in the worship (instead of their knees).

Well, that's about it from the church front. I'll update some more on everything else later on.

God Bless!

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Krista said...

Hey Gord! It sounds like things are happening at your church... that's great!! I'm proud of you for sticking through all the changes and hard times there. The world needs more people like that!